From the breathtaking UNESCO heritage sites of Northern Ethiopia to the magnificent and unusual tribes of the Omo Valley in the South, Zumbara Ethiopia Tours has helped their clients to explore the most beautiful places in Ethiopia.


Here are some recent trips we have undertaken to serve our clients:

  • Visiting the Harari peoples of Afar to feed the famous hyenas
  • Enjoying the ancient churches of Lalibela
  • Photographing the Omo Valley Tribes: Hamar, Mursi, Bodi, Suri, Kara, Aari, Bana, Tsemay and Nyangatom
  • Exploring the wonders of the city of Axum
  • Photographing the Tiya Stelae Fields UNESCO Heritage site
  • Staying in a Dorze Village and participating in day-to-day life there
  • Roaming and relaxing above the Rift Valley
  • Arranging for a special extended family visit in Wolayta
  • Exploring the Konso Special Woreda